The 4 Types of Trailers in Hot Shot Trucking

Hotshot trucking has been one of the most famous and money-making businesses in the United States, and so many people, even amateur entrepreneurs are plunging into the industry. However, in order to be successful in the hotshot trucking industry, it is necessary to be equipped with a reliable and heavy-duty truck and trailer.

Even the most trusted and legitimate hotshot trucking businesses, which you can visit here at, know that it can be a bit difficult and challenging to strive for an excellent quality service. And as mentioned, one of the challenges you need to overcome is to be equipped with the right tools and equipment.

Whether you want into the industry but do not know which trailer to use, or you are just a curious cat, this article will help you solve this problem.

4 Types of Trailers in Hot Shot Trucking

1.Gooseneck Trailers

This trailer is long and expensive, and its excellent turning radius and stable state despite having to carry larger loads on unfamiliar roads are what make it one of the favorites.

However, not all things are perfect, and the Gooseneck trailer also has its limitations. The first disadvantage is that having a gooseneck for your business may require licensing and training especially when you have the longer gooseneck. This largely depends on the state you are into or will be going and the laws they have for this service and for having this kind of vehicle. Also, this trailer requires a hitching system for your pickup system and you might need a professional service for this, adding to your expenses.

2.Dovetail Trailers

These types of trailers are some of the popular trailers in the United States. One of the pros of this type is its loading feature. Because of its gradual angle, pulling up low-riding and long vehicles become easy. It also offers an easy method of unloading so it is very convenient for you.

One of the cons claimed by some users is its tail that that may always hang and drag around. Another con is the trailer’s flat space is shortened by a few feet because of its tail.

3.Tilt Deck Trailers

These types are generally efficient, safe, and easy to manipulate. A lot of users claim that the heavy cargoes could be easily lifted. These trailers remove the hazards with regards to lifting heavy objects, thus making it more convenient for the owners. Also, there is no need to tilt the deck manually, and this means speed and efficiency.

However, like the two trailers mentioned above, tilt deck trailers also have their disadvantages. One of which is that it needs more maintenance than the others and the filter and oil need to be regularly changed.

4.Bumper Haul Trailers

This is the most common trailer used by the truckers, and is known because of their versatility. Another advantage is that it is cheaper and easier to use, as one does not need to own a Commercial Deriver’s License. One con, however, is that it is smaller and cannot lift heavy cargoes.